training and development

Training consists of a range of processes involved in making sure that employees have the right skills, knowledge and attitudes required to get the organization to achieve its objectives. Training employees satisfies two very important objectives: Motivation and Retention. Recent studies reveal that a modern organization will suffer some shortcomings if they do not constantly train their employees. Employees who participate in constant training and development are less likely to leave the company (causing, turnover) and less likely to engage in neglectful behavior. Employee training offers the following options to the company:

  • - Improve the employees’ performance at the current job level
  • - Expand employees’ capacity to take on higher level responsibilities
  • - Allows for re-assigning on responsibilities which have become routine to an employee to another employee
  • - Provide more authority for the employee to self-manage and take decisions
  • - Improves employees’ capacity to contribute to departmental/company-wide decision and planning
  • - Provide the opportunity for the employees’ to cross-train in other roles and responsibilities

Team HR offers trainings in 7 major areas:
1. Customer Service trainings
2. HR Trainings
3. Soft skills trainings (soft skills focus on elements of training, communication skills, sales techniques, time management, team building, stress management, personal effectiveness, problem solving / conflict resolution, presentation skills, motivational training, etiquette, leadership and public speaking)
4. Financial management and IFRS trainings
5. Excel & Data Analysis
6. Workplace safety and health trainings
7. Payroll, compensation and personal tax trainings

For each of these seven major areas, the Courses offered, the target audience and topics covered per course are included in the Appendix. Upon indication of interest to hold any particular training(s) for your employees, more details about the chosen course (such as Curriculum, course objectives and modular structuring) will be made available. These can also be made available on request. Our training style at TeamHR is unique; each session is fully engaging and practical, our trainers are; consultants, chartered accountants, financial analysts, tax experts, certified anti-money laundering specialists (CAMS), certified HR consultants, certified HSE practitioners, etc. with practical experience and great competencies in their respective topic areas.

Our courses are fully interactive with majority of the time spent on real and hypothetical case studies that make real the concepts taught to participants; this ensures that participants play a full part in the learning process thus making training enjoyable, stimulating and effective for all.