Recruitment begins with identifying that the organization needs to employ someone up to the point at which applications for the post have arrived at the organization; the Selection process then chooses the suitable candidate to fill the posts from applicants. Recruiting people who are wrong for the organization can lead to increased labor turnover, increased costs for the organization, and lowering of morale in the existing workforce. Managers and supervisors will have to spend extra time on further recruitment exercises, when what is needed in the first place is a systematic process to assess the role to be filled, and the type of skills and abilities needed to fill it.

Team HR provides the complete solution to the entire recruitment and selection process; from perception of the need to recruit to the point of engagement of the employee. We engage in recruitment and selection processes that are efficient (cost effective in methods and sources), effective (producing enough suitable candidates and ensuring the identification of the best fitted for the job and the organization) and fair (ensuring that in the entire process, decisions are made on merit alone).