At TeamHR, we have a team of payroll professionals dedicated to managing all forms of employee payments and remunerations. Our primary goal is to provide timely and accurate payroll services while ensuring compliance with all applicable laws and policies. Our Payroll Management Services include the performance of the following tasks:

- Payroll set up and trial run
- Payroll administration, including, the computation of monthly PAYE tax and other statutory obligations
- Fully outsourced payroll services
- Creating and Implementing mini-payroll programs for clients
- Payroll restructuring solutions for clients
- Remittance of PAYE taxes and other statutory deductions to the relevant authorities.

Other ancillary services may include:
- Filing of the annual employer’s statutory returns with the State Internal Revenue Service (SIRS)
- Filing of the employee’s statutory returns with the SIRS
- Processing and obtaining the tax clearance certificates / cards (TCC) for employees
- Attending to routine information requests / opinions, as may be requested from time to time
- Resolving tax queries on behalf of client, with the Revenue authorities
- Representing client at tax audits and subsequent negotiations with the Revenue
- Facilitating Training Programs for client employees on payroll computations and structuring
- Advisory on NSITF, NHF, ITF, Benefits in Kind and Pensions contribution on payroll structure and efficient implementation
- Compensation Structuring for both local and expatriate staff of several companies
- Remuneration administration for both local and expatriate staff of several companies
- PIT planning advisory services